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~ Al Purdy House ~

July 2019. Mark your calendars for the weekend of September 21/22 for the A-frame Open House coinciding with the Ameliasburgh (Ont.) Fall Fair. The house was built at the edge of Roblin Lake in 1957 by Al Purdy and his wife Eurithe. Al wrote much of his poetry here. This event is free of charge. Bring a lunch and enjoy a picnic by the lake! The Purdy House is now the site of the A-Frame Residency Program, which offers writers a place and time to develop their projects. For details go to alpurdy.ca.

— Jane Baird

see the Purdy residency notice on our Contributors Page

~ Gordon Hill Press ~

July 2019. I’d like to introduce you to Gordon Hill Press, a new literary press located in Guelph, Ontario. We publish poetry, literary fiction, creative non-fiction, and criticism from a diversity of writers, particularly those living with disability. We are launching our inaugural season in September 2019 with a trio of innovative literary works. For more information, go to gordonhillpress.com.

— Jeremy Luke Hill, Publisher

~ Colin Dodds ~

July 2019. It’s been a while since I dropped a line, and I thought I'd share a few updates. I’m working on the edits of a new book of poems, which should be done by the end of summer, and co-producing a short film I wrote. I've finished writing a new novel, called Ms. Never, about a telecom CEO who buys human souls through the terms of service in mobile-phone contracts. I’ve been working with some talented actors to produce audiobooks of my novels. An audiobook of What Smiled at Him just came out. If you’d like to share your commute, workout or other half-available hours with this wild tale, you can get it here. I want to say how much I appreciate all of your support, encouragement and just plain old sticking around. My website is thecolindodds.com.

— All the best, Colin

colin's most recent item in the spadina literary review is the poem
"spill-o waits for lightning"

~ Michael Chin ~

July 2019. I’m pleased to report that I have my first two full-length short story collections coming out: You Might Forget the Sky was Ever Blue via Duck Lake Books on September 15 and Circus Folk via Hoot ‘n’ Waddle Press in November. The first of these is a full-length short story collection that includes experiments in form with a social conscience, including stories about a third-grade teacher in Baltimore who tries to make sense of the world to students during the 2016 U.S. presidential election campaign, and a boy raised to believe he’s legendary star wrestler Hulk Hogan’s little brother. My website is miketchin.com.

— Best wishes, Michael Chin

michael's most recent work in the spadina literary review is "a wrestler's notes"