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Issue #27 October 2018

Thanks for visiting the Spadina Literary Review.

Here's a bit of background on some of the contributors to this issue:

  • Marie-Andrée Auclair ("Dusk on Georgian Bay") lives in Ottawa where she is assembling a new poetry chapbook. Her previous chapbook, Contrails, was released in 2013 by In/Words Magzine and Press.
  • Kieran Egan ("Eyes to Eyes") lives in Vancouver. Kieran began writing and sending poems to magazines about a year and a half ago.
  • Erik Donald France ("The Puzzle") is an assistant director of library services at a community college in Fort Worth, Texas. Visit Erik's blog at
  • Michael Lithgow ("Pioneer in Late Capitalism") lives in Edmonton and teaches at Athabasca University. His poetry collection, Waking in the Tree House, is available on Amazon.
  • D.S. Maolalai ("When birds learn to fly") works maintenance dispatch for a bank in Dublin, Ireland. His poetry collection, Love is Breaking Plates in the Garden was published in 2016.
  • Adam Kelly Morton ("If Only") is a Montreal-based acting teacher, board gamer, writer, and editor-in-chief of the Bloody Key Society Periodical.
  • Sasha Pcino ("Mister Complainer") is a freelance writer based on Australia's Sunshine Coast. Sasha is currently working on a novel.
  • Jonathan R. Rose ("Sam Wild's First Novel") is a frequent contributor to this mag. Check our Sitemap for other stories. Jonathan's novel Carrion is available on Amazon.
  • S. Sushant ("Steel City") is a government worker in New Delhi and lives in nearby Ghaziabad. He writes in Hindi as Sushant Supriy, and has also authored an English-language poetry collection, In Ghandhi's Country.
  • Lazarus Trubman ("Millstones") is a linguistics and philology professor now living in North Carolina.
  • Ajay Tulsiani ("My Facebook Image") lives in Mumbai where he is an editor for Slice of Life Literary Magazine. See some of Ajay's poetry in his collection Romance the Night.
  • Guy Wilkinson ("A Bad Day") is an instructor in English in Vancouver. Guy has co-authored with his daughter a children's book, The Blueziad, and has published a short-story collection, Home Invasion & Other Stories.


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call for applications

The Al Purdy A-Frame Residency Program offers writers and poets the opportunity to live and work in a place of literary and historic significance, poet Al Purdy's house by Roblin Lake near Ameliasburgh, Ontario.

Purdy House

Writers who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents may apply for a term of two to twelve weeks. Those awarded residency receive a $650 weekly stipend and are free to spend their time writing. For each month of their stay, residents are asked to participate in one public activity such as a reading, lecture, workshop, or school event.

Go to for details. Applications close October 12.