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Issue #30 April 2019

Thanks for visiting the Spadina Literary Review.

General editorial email:

Fans of Zen 1077 Robocab Deluxe: after its hiatus the comic will continue in the next edition, probably, even tho that's what we said last month too.

To be notified when our next edition appears online, email us at


Here's a bit of background on some of the contributors to this issue:

  • Naeem Ashraf ("Comrade Says Life is Good") lives in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, where he translates Urdu short stories into English. His book Trespass: A Book of Interesting Short Stories is available via his blog naeemfictiontranslator.
  • Dick Bentley ("Captivity") is the author of Post-Freudian Dreaming, A General Theory of Desire, and All Rise, both available on Amazon. Visit Dick's site at
  • Liz Betz ("Hyde & Sons") resides in rural Alberta and invites readers to follow her writing journey at her aptly-named blog, I-Write.
  • Ian Canon ("Underground Art") runs a writing workshop in Edmonton. To learn about his novel It's A Long Way Down and his poetry collection, Before Oblivion, visit Ian at
  • Holly Day ("Being a Girl") is a Minneapolis-based poet whose recent collections include A Perfect Day for Semaphore and In This Place, She Is Her Own.
  • Gregg Dotoli ("Electric-less") is a white-hat hacker and poet whose collection Poetry Fob is available from Underground Books.
  • Dave Gregory ("Stray Cat in Venice", plus fotos on Cover and Page 04) is an associate editor with Exposition Review. Check out Dave's pix on his website at courtlandavenue.wordpress.
  • Craig Loomis ("Haya in Amlit 101") teaches English at the American University of Kuwait. See Craig's collected short stories in The Salmiya Collection: Stories of the Life and Times of Modern Day Kuwait.
  • Pamela Medland ("Shooting Stars") is Director of the Airdrie Public Library in Calgary. Pamela's poetry is available in print and online.
  • Heather Nolan ("Shattered Glass") is a writer and musician in St. John's, Newfoundland. Her novel This is Agatha Falling will appear this spring. You can visit Heather's site at
  • Nate Simpson ("Launch, 1979") is, when not writing, a business development manager for a Toronto engineering firm.


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