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Issue #31 June 2019

Thanks for visiting the Spadina Literary Review.

General editorial email:

Fans of Zen 1077 Robocab Deluxe: after its hiatus the comic will continue in the next edition, probably, even tho that's what we said last month too.

To be notified when our next edition appears online, email us at


Here's some background on some of the contributors to this issue. Activated links will appear in a new window:

  • Dick Bentley ("Bear Market") is the author of Post-Freudian Dreaming, A General Theory of Desire, and All Rise, both available on Amazon. Visit Dick's site at
  • Jane Callen ("The Train to Santa Margherita") is a short-story writer who makes her home in Victoria but travels to Italy at every opportunity.
  • Jeff Dupuis ("The Wheelman") lives in Toronto. His first novel Roanoke Ridge is available now. Go to Jeff's site at
  • Renée Henning ("Double Homicide") is an attorney in Arlington, Virginia as well as an international author. Renée's non-fiction book Mystery and the Adopted Child is available on Amazon.
  • Austin James ("I Could Tell") is a Toronto-based poet with a love for storytelling.
  • Amy Kaler ("Running off the Edge") is a U of Alberta sociology prof and a writer. Some of Amy's work can be found at kayfergusonblog.
  • Brandon Marlon ("Bathing with Bathsheba") is a writer from Ottawa. Learn more about Brandon on his site
  • Brendan McHale (Cover art) lives in Toronto. See more of Brendan's work at
  • Richard Rose ("Guernica") is a UK-based professor and a columnist with the Bangalore Review in India where he works regularly. Richard co-wrote Letters to Lucia, a play about James Joyce's daughter, which debuted last year.
  • Jon Spencer ("The Crossing") writes fiction, screenplays and fantasy business plans. He has written and edited for Thomson Reuters, and is part of a writers group which operates out of the back room of a Toronto tea shop.
  • Ann van Wijgerden ("Belonging Here") works with the NGO Young Focus in Manila providing education for children living in slum areas.


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