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Spadina Literary Review  —  edition 32 page 23



by Priscilla Green

I could let you touch me, I suppose
let you taste me
possess me

I could let you in, I know
let you have me
consume me

But what, then?
it wouldn’t be the same anymore
we can’t come back here again
once we open that door

And I quite like this place, I confess
that we created

This place that is ours, I feel
that is unmarked

Why should we destroy it
when it’s perfectly beautiful as is?
even you won’t deny it
it’s not a feeling you can dismiss

So let it be, I suggest
forever as a fantasy

Love me from afar, I beg
as you have all this time
it’s not a crime

’Cause I like to feel your eyes on me
isolating me from the crowd
and I know you wonder if they can see
you notice no one else around

So let me exist in your mind, eternally
for there I’ve made myself a home
where I’ll love you endlessly
and you’ll long for me, forevermore

’Cause nothing ends that hasn’t begun