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Spadina Literary Review  —  edition 38 page 10



by David O'Connor

Rhythm of skin-drum
Down Kensington Market.
Ash of Ghanaian headwear; camel and rust,
Patterned, a riverine dash of blue
Crissed across Kente Kufis.
Street peopled —
There is Lion in the sun’s chunter this morning.

Blessed for jelly-scented Guava
Mamey Sapotes splitting in the sun.
Sun that is blessing this blond head —
Churched in dignity by black men and women.

Wrapt like a tamarind in the voice of Nina
Lifted on Ellison's vespers
Floating with Ali or
Riding down the road like a black stallion
With Charlie Mingus.

Jettisoned on a skiff down the river to Omo Kibish
Reminded that we are all Africans
Blessed with interior freedom
Blessed to touch the skin of another and dance
Skin like a goblet-drum
Rope-tuned and cosmic