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Issue #40 March 2021

Thanks for visiting the Spadina Literary Review.

General editorial email:

Here's a bit of background on some of the contributors to this issue:

  • Renée Henning ("The Case of Who's Really Who") is an attorney in Arlington, Virginia, and is author of the non-fiction book Mystery and the Adopted Child.
  • Wayne Johnston ("Damilola"), is a writer, painter and librarian whose most recent book is Ten Cities: The Past Is Present.
  • Clayton Longstaff ("Cameo") is a writer of poetry and prose living in Lekwungen and Saanich territory on Vancouver Island.
  • D.S. Maolalai ("When I cheated on Cora") is a poet in Dublin, Ireland. His most recent collection is Sad Havoc Among the Birds.
  • Julie McClement ("You've Got to Drop This") studied creative writing at George Brown College in Toronto.
  • James Nelson ("Mythical Moments") is a writer and cartoonist in Dublin, Ireland. To see more of Jim's work, visit his studio at jimnelsonstudio.
  • Dragos Nica ("Last Day in Craiova") is a writer, educator and community activist currently working with the St. James Town Community Co-op in Toronto.
  • Ajanta Paul ("Fired Clay") is principal and Professor of English at Women's Christian College in Kolkata, India. Ajanta's published literary works include The Elixir Maker and Other Stories.
  • Luke Sawczak ("Goodnight") is a language teacher living in Georgetown, Ont. Luke's books of stories and poems include Via Dolorosa Muskoka: Stories about Other Places published by Life Rattle Press.
  • Mariam Shahzad ("Love Commandments") is a linguistics major at the University of Central Punjab in Lahore. Mariam takes the title for her story from 1990s Chinese pop music, which she is drawn to for its dream-like qualities.
  • Hervé Suys ("Gone in a Flash") lives in Ronse, Belgium. Hervé says he "started writing short stories whilst recovering from a sports injury and hasn't stopped since."
  • John Tustin ("Book of the Dead") is a poet living in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. John's formidable repertoire of published poems is available at johntustinpoetry.




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