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Spadina Literary Review  —  edition 4 page 12


Fifth! The scoundrels that steer the global economy into a death dive always get off scot-free. A few small-time weasels get caught, that's all, like my hedge fund manager, because they run out of cash to plug all the holes that open up when people try to get their money out.

Plunging economic indicators
Economic vectors increase your anxiety

Make another list, this one projecting all the modest improvements you can make in your own sphere even while the world goes to hell in a handcart.

One, a meticulous reduction in debt can replace that feeling of satisfaction you used to get from a rising bank account. The important thing is to keep track and rub your hands with Scrooge-like glee as the debt shrinks penny by penny.

Two, small home improvements will help you maintain that image of personal growth and progress that is so crucial to helping you get thru the day. Slap some paint on a wall, snap up a snazzy soap dish at a garage sale, you’ll feel better already.

Three, quit smoking or boozing or snacking or whatever your expensive entrenched vices are.

Become an eco-freak: make up in moral righteousness what you have lost in wealth and social standing during these hardscrabble years. Recycle your soap chips!

The point I am going to make is that each economic setback is an opportunity to reduce consumption, till hopefully one day we will achieve the reasonable green lifestyle that our super-intelligent descendents of the space-age future will enjoy as they chill in their eco-pods on Io or Titan.