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Spadina Literary Review  —  edition 4 page 10


Guardabarranco bird


by Jorge Padilla

It was time to migrate. Our flock had left the True North to go to the Land of the Lakes and Volcanoes which was mountainous and full of natural beauty.

In a river valley, with intense humidity, fresh tropical greenery, and a rich wildlife, stood out the most exotic creature I had ever seen — half Green Pheasant and half Guardabarranco, standing there on a branch looking around. As she caught sight of me and we looked into each other’s eyes, I knew that all my hopes and dreams would forever be changed.

Every moment we spent together was as precious as her feathers. We sang to each other love songs we learned from our native lands. We flew around the land for hours on end, letting the time fly, without a care in the world. When night came, we would stare at the full moon and the stars with a volcano towering over the palm trees. She laid her head on mine as we cuddled. I could never express how much I loved her — her exoticness, her precious chirping and how she shared her whole world with me.

Then when the season came to an end, we had to part, which devastated me and left her in tears. Now I stare at the summer sunset, the breeze tingling my skin but penetrating my heart. Every second in my life I spend wondering about her, and every second is another second I’m missing out on being with her. I forget nothing, I regret nothing. When the season changes again is when I’ll know it is time to go and fulfill the ultimate desire of my heart.