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Spadina Literary Review  —  edition 6 page 05


“At first, I was so happy, we both were. But in the past few months, I’ve noticed that Carter has begun to withdraw from me, ever so slightly. I am sensitive to people’s moods and could tell there was something troubling him. I caught him in a couple of lies but I let it go. Confrontation isn’t something I do well either. I tried to talk to him to ask what was bothering him. He said it was nothing but work stress and the upcoming wedding plans. I even suggested that maybe he was having second thoughts about us. It almost killed me to say that out loud, but he assured me that he loved me.”

Olivia’s voice trembled slightly. “Last week, I went to surprise him at lunchtime. He wasn’t in his office but his assistant told me to wait there while he finished a meeting. I didn’t mean to start snooping in his desk but I couldn’t help myself. There was a folder marked ‘Personal’ and right on top was his Visa bill. The amount was staggering. I looked at the charges. The Hotel le Germain, a jewellery store, Royal de Versailles, Victoria’s Secret. I was shocked. I knew he hadn’t purchased items from these establishments for me.”

“Do you live together?” Sloan asked, making notes in his little book.

“No, not yet, but he stays with me most weekends,” she confirmed. “He has a condo on the waterfront and he says he’s not ready to give it up until we get married. I wanted him to move into the big house after Daddy died, now that I have it all to myself for the first time and, and...” Sobbing overcame her. “I don’t know what to think. I have to find out if he is seeing someone else. I lie awake every night, going over all of our conversations. I think I’ll go mad.”

“Have you spoken to anyone else about this?”

“Just Bev. She is my only close friend. I was there for her when she went through her ugly divorce and she understands these things. She’s why I’m here. She gave me your card and encouraged me to speak to you. You must help me,” Olivia begged.

“Look, I know you’re worried and anxious but in my experience, suppositions, innuendo can be totally misconstrued. Let’s think positively until we get all the facts. Agreed?”

“Yes, of course that makes sense,” she sighed.

“That being said, there is always the possibility that your suspicions are grounded and you have to prepare yourself for that event too,” he added.

Her face fell. “How soon can you start?” she asked.

“Immediately. I have a team of crack investigators that specialize in surveillance. I’m going to need all the information you can give me about Carter. His home and business addresses, telephone and cell numbers, computer information. We’ll observe his daily routine, check his calls, emails. We’ll know every move he makes and compile a comprehensive report. I can assure you that we have all the latest technology and...”

“Stop, Mr. Sloan. I’m not interested in your methods. I just want the results. If he is having an affair — well, one step at a time.”