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Spadina Literary Review  —  edition 6 page 07


In the outer office, Gloria took Olivia’s sizable cheque in final payment and led her to the elevator outside the office.

“Are you okay Miss Smith, you look a little pale,” said Gloria.

“Is Mr. Sloan a trustworthy man? I know he’s your employer but I could really use an honest answer.”

Gloria looked into Olivia’s eyes. “Are any of them? I always go with my gut. You should do the same. Good luck, Miss Smith.”

Gloria walked back in for a moment to see Sloan’s door closed. He was already on the phone. Boy, he didn’t waste any time. No doubt talking to Carter and filling him in on the meeting, the weasel. They are both weasels. I have to get out of here before I become a weasel too.


Carter’s phone rang later that afternoon.

“I told you not to use this line,” Carter said. “They could still be monitoring my calls. I don’t trust Sloan. He screwed Olivia, he might screw me too.”

Femme fatale

“Relax darling,” Bev crooned. “We’re all in this together. Thank God that’s over with, but I just had to hear your voice. I was expecting Olivia to call me right away with the good news but she hasn’t yet. Odd. She’s probably overjoyed to find out her sweetheart is such a stand-up guy. I do believe you are going to get lucky tonight,” she smirked.

“Bev, stop, you know she means nothing to me. You are the only one I want. But we have to be extra cautious in future, you well know.”

“Of course darling, but thank God she chose to confide in me. She doesn’t suspect a thing and now the coast is clear. When can I see you?”

“Well, I think we need to cool it for just a bit longer. But soon, I promise. Look, I have to go now Bev. Apparently there is a surprise party that needs to get organized by her birthday. I haven’t got much time. Of course, you’re invited.”

“Oh, I’ll be there all right. Wouldn’t miss it for the world. Don’t forget to buy her a necklace. She prefers emeralds. I on the other hand, only want diamonds. I’m wearing mine now and little else. Are you picturing that? Bye, darling,” she laughed.

As Bev put the phone down, her smile vanished. She picked up her Rottweiler puppy. “Come here, Brutus.” She snuggled her pet against her chin. “Mummy is going to be rich. Not Rosedale rich, but Newport fucking Beach rich.” She needed to talk to Gloria, her new BFF. Bev was already thinking ahead to the possibility of them working together to keep Carter in his place. Gloria had the real dope on both Sloan and Carter. Yes, it was all coming together. She brought her hand up to her neck to feel the cold diamonds. These really are a girl’s best friend. “No offence, Brutus.”