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Spadina Literary Review  —  edition 10 page 06


Feast on Your Beliefs

by Anthony Venning Wright

(written in response to the murders at Charlie Hebdo)

Jesus, Buddha and Islam,
A fairytale dropped like a bomb,
Right in the lap of society,
Through patriarchal devolution,
Keeps it believing and needy,
Quiet, ignorant,
Anything but free!
So, just say Baaaa like a good sheep!
While infringing on my right to free speech,
Murdering in the name of stupidity,
And coercing power through your bloody beliefs.

This world is far too religious already!
Critical thinking is essential,
Asking questions within a differential,
Empirically sound with a hypothesis,
And after years of struggle
We have advanced technology,
for humankind,
from our greatest, open minds,
propelling us forward,
not stuck in the brain stem,
but in understanding the real gem:
our inquisitiveness,
our curiosity,
our discovery,
of the probable and possible.

Proof creates sound science,
Just like in our courtrooms,
Presumed innocent until proven guilty!
So show me the proof of your deity,
Because all I see is mythology,
Which is interesting to a point,
Until you start pointing a gun at me,
Because I don’t believe what you believe.
You call me infidel, sinner, non-believer,
Because I won’t go under the spell,
That you’re content to stay under.
That’s not wonder,
That’s bluster and blunder!

That’s not tradition or culture,
It’s delusion and intrusion,
And like a vulture,
You’re flying overhead just waiting to swoop down and
Feast on your beliefs,
Ripping the dead flesh off humanity,
Until you are satiated,
And we are all ingratiated,
To your imaginary friend,
Your god, source, spirituality,
All due to your anxiety,
And your denial of death and finality.
You will keep us imprisoned
like the Taliban, the religious right,
The Born-agains,
Who, with bible in hand,
Choose to smite,
Whomever they believe to be their enemy.
And here’s some familiar philosophy:
We are our own worst enemies!
Soon, we’ll all be pushing up the daisies,
Death is the end,
So get over it,
It’s going to happen,
It’s inevitability,
As we’ve continually witnessed through history.
So, please show me where we’re going after death…
Yes, I would like to believe,
But I need proof in quality!
Quantifiable, unadulterated,
And empirically scientific,
Not just your belief in your fairytale,
Which you think is so terrific!

When I was a child, I used to believe in Santa Claus,
And it was magical and fun,
But I had to grow up and embrace reality,
And when it finally hit me, I didn’t threaten my parents with a gun.