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Spadina Literary Review  —  edition 13 page 04



by Elga Mannik

“C’mon Krys, I’m starving, let’s go,” yelled Charlie through her doorway.

“Okay, okay, already! I was just checking one last time to see if Mark was free for lunch but he has a meeting so I’m stuck with just you I guess,” Krys ribbed. She grabbed her purse and coat and she and Charlie ran for the elevator.

“What do you see in this Mark guy anyway?” Charlie asked with a sarcastic smile.

“Well, let’s see, he’s smart, funny, wickedly handsome, tall, well-travelled.”

“Yeah, yeah, but does that mean you have to marry the guy?”

“Well Charlie, as a matter of fact it does. Do you know how many men a girl has to date in this town until she finds a keeper? Let me tell you: so so many! Mark is everything I have been looking for and then some, so I’m hanging on to him for dear life. And then there is the fact that I absolutely adore him.”

Charlie flinched. He had thought that if he tried hard enough to be her buddy, Krys would start to realize what a good man he was and he could move out of the “friend” zone and she would see him in a different light. He had taken too long, as usual, to make his intentions known, and in the meantime she met and fell for someone else. Now with her engagement a brutal reality, Charlie was lost. He didn’t think he could face seeing her every day knowing she was never going to be his. He had just this week decided to transfer to the Montreal office. He was going to tell Krys at lunch.

“Hey buddy, why so glum? Has Perkins been riding you again?”

“No. I mean, no more than usual. I’ve been considering having him assassinated. Want to contribute to my Kill Perkins campaign? I’m sure I could take up a collection in our department and get everyone on board.”

Krys laughed.

“Seriously,” said Charlie, “I’ve been thinking about making some changes. I’ll tell you later. Let’s enjoy this beautiful day!”