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Spadina Literary Review  —  edition 13 page 05


They were out on the street now. Charlie looked at Krys longingly. He was going to give it one last shot. “Um, so I get that you think you met your match with Marky but what about a guy like me? I’m smart, funny, and taller than you by at least an inch.”

“Charlie, stop! You know I think you are an amazing person but I’m engaged now so you have to stop the flirting. You and I have a special relationship borne of hard work, dedication and a loathing of the C.E.O. I love hanging out with you but this girl is off the market. End of story. Where are we going for lunch? I have a hankering for a giant Montreal corned beef sandwich with fries and pickles. What do you think?”

“Sounds great. Really, really unhealthy, but great. I know just the place. Let’s hop on the Red Rocket, we’ll be there in a flash.”

They boarded the streetcar. “Window! — I called it,” laughed Charlie, diving onto a window seat.

“I love the city in September,” said Krys as the car glided down King Street. “Best time of the year. I wish Mark was free today. He’s leaving on a business trip right after work. I was hoping to see him before he left but he said they were going crazy trying to finish some big presentation. If he gets this client, it will be so amazing. Big bonus, and finally we can take some time off for a vacation.” Krys shook her head. “He works all the time and I get that he has to, but geez, I want to go on a trip, just the two of us. No cellphones, no computers, nothing but a beach. That’s all, just a beach.”

“I’m sure your Mr. Wonderful will get the client. I could use a beach vacation myself. If he flubs it, I’ll take you away. Fiji, or Samoa. Somewhere really exotic and far, far away. Just as a friend, of course. We’ll get separate huts or whatever. I’ve read good things about — ”

Krys grabbed his arm suddenly, her fingers dug painfully into his flesh.

“What the hell? What is it sunshine?” he asked, concerned.

“Look over there, outside that restaurant. That’s Mark and some woman.” Krys’s eyes were glued to the couple on the street.

“Yikes, he is tall. I guess you could call him good looking. A little too slick for me. Are those Prada shoes?”

The streetcar paused at a red light just beyond where Mark and the gorgeous brunette were standing. Mark pulled the girl into his arms and kissed her passionately while his hands roamed sensuously across her body and came to rest on her rounded derrière. Krys’s eyes widened in shock. She stood up in the aisle, her hand over her mouth.

“I think I’m going to be sick,” she said.

“No, no you’re not. There must be some explanation, right? Do you want to get out and talk to him? Or just walk a bit. Are you okay?” Charlie asked solicitously.

“No! Not okay! I just saw my fiancé kissing some strange woman. He told me he would be stuck at his desk all afternoon. Why would he lie to me?”

“Here, use my cell, call him and find out what’s going on.” Charlie handed her his phone.

“Krys could almost hear the ringtone as she watched Mark pull his cell out of his pocket and try to see whose number was calling him. He answered hesitantly. “Hello?”

“Hi Mark, it’s Krys, I’m having lunch with Charlie, I’m using his phone. Left mine at the office. I just wondered if there’s any chance of seeing you before you leave.”