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Spadina Literary Review  —  edition 13 page 06


“Sorry doll.” Mark looked both ways and spoke confidently. “Can’t really talk now. Just stepped out for a minute to grab a coffee but I have to get back for another meeting. Haven’t had a chance to grab breakfast yet, never mind lunch.” His voice was deep and mesmerizing. “I know I’ve been a pain with all this work but I promise that once this deal is finished, I’ll be all yours.”

Krys scrunched her face up and said sweetly, “Of course, get back to your meeting honey. I totally understand. We’ll talk later.”

“Look sweetie, we’ll be taking the Matsuko brothers out to dinner and I’m sure it will be a late night. I’ll give you a call in the morning when I figure out the time difference. Okay Kryssie?

“Sure thing Mark, good luck with everything. We’ll talk tomorrow.”

“Love you babe!” Mark put away his cellphone and locked lips with the brunette without skipping a beat.

“Good bye Mark,” Krys said into a dial tone.

“What did he say?” asked Charlie, his heart beating erratically.

“Oh, God, he lied to me. How could he do that? We are getting married — were getting married — I don’t believe this.” She started to hyperventilate. Charlie stepped up and put his arm around her. She sobbed uncontrollably all over the shoulder of his Armani jacket. The streetcar eased away slowly as Krys turned to watch Mark and the brunette laughing together.

“I am so sorry Krys! I don’t know what to say. Maybe you should tell him what we saw. There might be some logical explanation.”

“Please, Charlie. I know the explanation. I’ve been an idiot. He was so damned perfect. Too perfect,” Krys hissed from clenched teeth.

“So I’m thinking Fiji and then on to New Zealand,” said Charlie.

Krys did not respond.

“What, too soon?” Charlie said softly. He put his arms around her and held her once more. She felt so wonderful. He looked into her swollen, puffy eyes. “He is a freaking fool Krys. That’s all I’m going to say right now.”

He helped her off the streetcar. She turned to vomit on the sidewalk.

He passed a handkerchief to her. “You are going to go home now so you can lie down or rest or whatever you need to do. I’m just a phone call away. I’ll tell them at the office that you felt sick at lunch and went home.”

He hailed a cab and helped her in. “I can come with you,” he offered.

“No,” Krys mumbled. “I just want to be alone.”

“Portland Street,” he told the driver. He handed the cabby some bills, closed the door and looked down at Krys. “Call me later if you need food, an ear, some single malt scotch, anything, I’ll be there.”

“Yes, I know you will.” She smiled sadly and the taxi sped off.

Charlie walked back to the office, his mind buzzing. Maybe, just maybe, if he could help Krys get over this, he might get another chance. Cancel the Montreal plan. Krys was his true love and maybe, someday, he would be hers. He smiled and picked up the pace. Yeh, this could work. He pictured a beach wedding, Kris in a flowy white gown, flowers in her hair. He would do whatever it took. Sure Fiji is an expensive destination. But it's romantic. Every couple needs at least one romantic soul.