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Spadina Literary Review

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Issue #14 August 2016

Thanks for visiting the Spadina Literary Review.

Here's a bit of background on some of the contributors to this issue:

  • Gregg Dotoli ("Dooms Day Clock") is a poet and white-hat hacker whose collection Poetry Fob is available from Underground Books.
  • Teddy Kimathi ("Night Sky") lives in Meru, Kenya. His book of poems, The Milky Way in Words, is available from Google Books.
  • Rebecca Linam ("Raising the Bar") teaches German at the University of North Alabama. She has published four novels, listed on her website
  • Elga Mannik ("Lost and Found") is the Europe-based associate editor of the Spadina Literary Review. Part 2 of this story will appear in our next issue (October).
  • Afzal Moolla ("Johannesburg Blues") lives and works in Johannesburg. Afzal describes himself as a "scribbler of verses."
  • B.Z. Niditch ("All These Earthly Things") describes himself as a sax player and "internationalist surrealist." More B.Z. Niditch poems are available at his website,
  • Jonathan R. Rose ("Terminal") is a Mississauga-based writer. His novel Carrion is available on Amazon.
  • Richard Wilcocks ("Gavrilo Princip's Last Good Meal") lives in Leeds, Yorkshire, where he is Secretary of the annual Headingley LitFest. His history book, Stories from the War Hospital, is available thru Amazon.