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Spadina Literary Review

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Issue #19 June 2017

Thanks for visiting the Spadina Literary Review.

Here's a bit of background on some of the contributors to this issue:

  • Brian Michael Barbeito (foto p.08) is a writer and photographer. An example of Michael's camera work is used as an illustration for the story "Doohicky".
  • Gabriella Bedetti ("Narrow Road") is a professor at Eastern Kentucky University, and is known for being translator of French writer Henri Meschonnic.
  • Daniel Brady Fernie ("One Sweet Day") lives in Edinburgh, Scotland.
  • John Grey ("Marv") is an Australian poet currently living in Rhode Island, USA.
  • Elga Mannik ("Vito's Revenge") is the Europe-based associate editor of the Spadina Literary Review.
  • D.S. Martin ("Besides the Common Emptiness") has a number of books of poetry including Conspiracy of Light and Poiema. Visit his website
  • Mark Martyre ("Oatmeal") is a touring musician whose most recent studio album is Bluebird. For more about Mark, visit
  • Brendan McHale (Cover art) lives in Toronto. See more of Brendan's work at
  • Roger Pridmore ("Doohicky") is the author of Rodents, a Kindle ebook about four mice who open a detective agency, available via Amazon.
  • Jim Read ("Mookie") lives in Toronto Parkdale. Join us next issue for the second and final part of Mookie's story. Visit Jim's site at
  • Sheila Tucker ("Best in Show") runs a poetry & prose club in Oakville and blogs at joyoftheword.
  • Joan Wilding ("To the Voice Institute") lives in Kingston, Ont. Joan grew up on the Prairies and is a former general manager of The Edmonton Heritage Festival.