It’s Almost Time

Jonathan Haughton

Jonathan Haughton was born in Kingston, Jamaica in 2002. Growing up, he cultivated his love for storytelling in a shared bedroom with his older sister Gabrielle and younger brother Pishon, as they took turns recounting and exaggerating the events of each day. In 2014 he and the rest of his family moved to Canada after his mother had been there prior for 2 years. And although they had extended family all over the GTA, they chose the city of Kelowna in the western province of British Columbia to call home.

While growing up in Kelowna, he played many different sports throughout middle school and high school. These included soccer, volleyball, track and field, football, and most notably, basketball. He wrote a variety of short stories for his classes throughout this time as well, as he continued to cultivate this simmering passion. He enjoyed oral storytelling as well, often narrating his adventures in Jamaica for his Canadian friends. It was doing this that first opened his eyes to a possible career in writing. After telling his friend Jerome stories from his life, Jerome insisted that Jonathan pursue a career in it. According to Jerome whenever Jonathan told him a story, he felt like he was there. He could envision every detail, down to the very minute ones. This bolstered Jonathan with the confidence to do it, and he silently purposed in his heart to do it.

He chose to attend the University of British Columbia Okanagan for university. It was in his second year that he committed to majoring in Creative Writing while playing basketball for the school’s varsity team. He’s written various poems, short stories, and screenplays in his time there. He is currently in his third year in the program and is seeking to graduate with honours in the spring of 2025. He can be found on Instagram at @jonathanhaughtonn and @keepshootingjohnny.